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Inspired by the love of the mountains I created Alpen Cardano. My great motivation is to help save our planet by taking care of our environment and protecting our forests.
From Alpen Cardano we want to contribute with part of our benefits.

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Name: Alpen Cardano
Description: Adas in the Alps


Our goal is to work towards a durable, solid and long-lasting cooperative engagement and collective action in order to preserve mountain environments.

The Alpen Cardano aims to:

  • Contribute to our planet’s biodiversity preservation and protection. More specifically to prevent and halt biodiversity loss in natural areas in particular the mountain regions. In the last 50 years the biodiversity loss has been 68%.
  • Facilitate research and knowledge sharing in order to deepen the public understanding of climate change and the devastation of ecosystems in mountain environments.
  • Generate synergies and establishes partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, which will engage and invest in the protection and preservation of mountain environments.


Alpen Cardano is a non-profit organization whose goal is the preservation of mountain environments.

About Operator

My name is Mikel. I operate Alpen Cardano in the canton of Zurich since March 2021. Since I was a child I have loved nature and I am interested in mountaineering. After my studies as an electronic engineer I decided to graduate as a mountain guide. My only interest was to learn how to move safely in the mountains.
After great adventures in the alps, I decided to do something to take care of our environment.
So, combining my technical skills and my passion, I created Alpen Cardano.


All of us can pitch in to help preserve mountain areas.
Many of us want to be part of the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity, but don’t know where to start. We believe that it’s better to be an imperfect activist than to stand idly by, and that taking a first step, even a small one, is always positive and leads to further steps.